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The Language Signifier - Visual Writing and Ecologies of Dimensionality by Tom Hibbard

"... we must remember that “visual writing,” the basic subject of discussion in this collection of reviews, does not per se contain or represent specific writings or specific texts. Visual writing and visual poetry demonstrate the way language works, the characteristic attributes of its generative substantiveness—its unblemished patterns, its many structures—its dominion, its universality. The politics and antiquated modalities of colonialism and subjugation are removed from the very conception and constitution of language structure and political and economic activity: permitting “even triviality in discourse, commonplaces, redundancy, intelligibility...” ... Visual writing and visual poetry make use of the implicit semantic field as one in which “fragmentation” and ambiguity present truthful if tenuous patterns and universes of possibility that contain “both illusion and reality.” -Tom Hibbard
ISBN 9781938521584

This collection includes an image of the cover of eMTeVisPub #7, Fuslt in chapter VIII - The Journey Begins: Ecology, Distance and Diversity, Globalism, Productivity and Visual Writing.

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Van Gogh Dreams 

Anthology of poems by 31 poets, Lisa Vihos editor, Henschel Haus Publishing DEC 1, 2018 - includes 5 "ScanPo" poems by Matthew Stolte taken from translations of van Gogh's letters. 


Construction Sea is Matthew Stolte's blog of Mail Art & Avant/Concrete/Visual Poetry

© Matthew Stolte & John M. Bennett 2012
(also with C. Mehrl Bennett in Section Two collaborations)

Magnetic Poems

From Luna Bisonte Prods

These clean, crisp-looking visual poems stand in contrast to Matthew Stolte's recent work which makes much use of smeared paint and ink, partial forms, layerings, and other devices to create a veritable storm of lettristic forms and words. In these Magnetic Poems the colorful letter-forms are stable as found, and merely arranged on galvanized metal sheets. There is, however, an inherent instability in the original pieces, in that anyone could move the magnetic letters around. So this book can be seen as a moment stopped in time, as these pieces no doubt look different today. Because even moving them around is likely to jostle their arrangement. Thus this book is a talisman to the inherent protean nature of poetry and of the language of which it is made. -John M. Bennett

Now out of print
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Matthew Stolte's work has appeared in the following selected online & print magazines, books & shows: 

Van Gogh Dreams - DEC 1, 2018 - anthology of poems by thirty-one poets, Henschel Haus Publishing, Lisa Vihos editor

Jem Tabs Dose by John M. Bennett & Matthew Stolte October 2015 eMTeVisPub #12

visual poetry by Matthew Stolte October 2015 eMTeVisPub #11

deal Angie Cope & Matthew Stolte October 2015 eMTeVisPub #10 

Sea Stars - eMTeVisPub TLB 2014 
Parce Que La Connaissance - with John M. Bennnett - Luna Bisonte Prods 2014 
Echolocations, Poets Map Madison - Cowfeather Press 2013

eMTeVisPub TLB series by Matthew Stolte 2013 #1-#8: 
  • From the Fishes
  • From Common Spiders
  • From Oceans
  • From the Sea
  • From Leakey
  • PassPoRT
  • fall 2013 (with Bela Grimm) 
  • C2H5OH H2O & Our Changing Earth
Serons - with John M. Bennett - Luna Bisonte Prods 2013 
A Que Dana - with John M. Bennett - Luna Bisonte Prods 2013
EVIDENCE by Andrew Topel & Matthew Stolte 2012 & 2013 by avantacular press
The November Show at Art In 2012, Madison Wisconsin
ATORVTTK by Andrew Topel & Matthew Stolte eMTeVisPub #9 2012
Visual Poetry by Andrew Topel & Matthew Stolte at Project Lodge September 19 - 21 Madison Wisconsin 2012
Jem Tabs by John M. Bennett & Matthew Stolte eMTeVisPub #8 2012
Otoliths Issue 26 southern winter, 2012
Cover of Stoneboat 2.2 Spring 2012
Fuslt- eMTeVisPub #7 2012
DRILLING FOR SUIT MYSTERY By John M Bennett, Matthew T Stolte 2012
2waycollabS - John M Bennett & Matthew Stolte - diyfferx-2012
3waycollabS - John M Bennett, Matthew Stolte & C. Mehrl Bennett - diyfferx-2012
Verse Wisconsin
Issue 107 Online November 2011
WI ProTestPo - eMTeVisPub #6 2011
Cr ch - Chapbook - Tonerworks 2011
Tip of the Knife Issue 7 - November 13, 2011
Stoneboat 2.1 Fall 2011
Street Pulse June 2011
D10J11Po - eMTeVisPub #5 2011
AngelHousePress - National Poetry Month April 5, 2011
Verse Wisconsin Main Street Wisconsin - Poems About Wisconsin Protests, February 18, 2011-
solidARTity Project Lodge, Madison WI, March 1st - 9th 2011
Magnetic Poems - Luna Bisonte Prods 2010
Construction Paper Poems - eMTeVisPub #4 2010
Street Pulse November 2010
OAS VPX 2010 - October 2nd & 3rd, 2010
Skylab Gallery Columbus Ohio USA, August 2010
Eden Poems - eMTeVisPub #3 2010
Remote Poems - eMTeVisPub #2 2010
Verse Wisconsin Issue 103 Online Summer 2010
Concrete Dollars and Cents Poems - eMTeVisPub #1 2010
Curated (with C. Mehrl Bennett) MaOAS Visual Poetry Exhibition - October 2009
Madison area Open Art Studios 2009
Anthology Spidertangle - Xexoxial Editions 2009
Otoliths - 8.1.08
Pense Aqui - 18.06.08
Blends & Bridges The Galleria at Erieview Cleveland Ohio USA, April 1 - 30, 2006
Generator - 11.05
Pense Aqui - 14.01.05
Score 19 - 2004
Lost & Found Times 52 - June 2004
Score 17 - Summer 2002