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    Concrete Poetry
The concrete poetry found here is by me, eMTeVisPub's Matthew Stolte.  I began making concrete poetry July 1998 in Madison, Wisconsin & have been practicing the art since. 
eMTeVisPub is currently working on the 2nd edition of Concrete Dollars and Cents Poems which includes a forward by C. Mehrl Bennett. 

Sneak peek possible 2nd edition cover!

This was made from a coffee cup sleeve in Milwaukee WI 2007. It you see it on eBay, on the vispaint11 seller site, that's me. I'm selling media, comics & eventually art there.

Poem for the Oceans


 $ea $eve$$  $ea ¢eve¢$

$ea ¢eve¢$  $ea ¢eve$$

$ea $eve$  $ea ¢eve¢

$ea $eve¢  $ea ¢eve$

$oil s$ick  $oil s¢ick

$ea  $oil  ¢rude

i.¢e.  $ea$  $pill  $hell

$till  $port  $pine

$$ick  $ea s$ick

$¢ick  $ea s¢ick

$pill$  $¢amp$

$pills  $¢amp¢

s¢ick  s$ick

$ail  $ale

$oiled  car.pet

¢loud  car.p


$quid pro quo



Poem for the Oceans - Nude

All the Money is Gone



ea eve  ea eve

ea eve  ea eve

ea eve  ea eve

ea eve  ea eve

oil sick  oil sick

ea  oil  rude

i.e.  ea  pill  hell

till  port  pine

ick  ea sick

ick  ea sick

pill  amp

pills  amp

sick  sick

ail  ale

oiled  car.pet

loud  car.p


quid pro quo



Follow this link to Wikipedia for a definition of concrete poetry.